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 I am currently working on two novels - one complete manuscript that I am reviewing, and another manuscript in first-draft stage. A third work turns in my thoughts, eager to become something more concrete when I begin the laying on of words… 

The Cicada Song

Told from the perspectives of two women who share the same genealogical lineage, this novel portrays how one family perseveres with the pressures of immigration. 

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Cicada on a leaf, Qi Baishi
Kristal Yee paint me black

strike me lucky paint me black 

not a memoir, nor a journal

nor purely fiction, not purely fact

this novel is the story of one woman's life lessons about the country in which she lives. how much can she learn in one lifetime?

Watch this space 


As our protagonist approaches her middle years, she is confronted with a self-perception that she cannot reconcile with her life to that point. An encounter with a stranger, lasting only minutes, irrevoccably changes how she views both her past and her future.

Concept phase

Banksia neoanglia

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