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Notes from an emerging writer


Scores of people believe they have a book in them, but they won't all tell its story. The road to publication is littered with cast-off drafts, including those that never manage to escape from inside their author's head.
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If, like William S Burroughs, Paul Bowles, Jack Kerouac, Aldous Huxley, Hunter S Thompson and others, you are prepared to ingest performance-enhancing drugs with the hope they will exacerbate inspiration, you might keep perspiration to a minimum.

But, if what you want to write is more from the heart than the head, you'd better be sure that the latter is clear and that the former will propel you the through drafts 1 - x, and motivate you to keep writing until you write 'the end'. 

… and when you've written that once, be ready to about face and start writing again.

That's what I've learned over the years: no matter what happens, writing success rests on one thing - that one continues to do it.

Oh, the other thing I've learned is that the publishing sector is magnet for a mile-high midden of mistakes, frequently the same ones. Yes, we writers can read about the mistakes every author has made, or that every publisher, editor and agent has seen, to little advantage. True to the doggedness we employ to write a book, most of us learn best when we make the mistakes ourselves.                           

So, if you're a writer, enjoy the writing and the mistakes.

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